melissalt (melissalt) wrote,

Ultrasound Day (and Gina Udate)

Today was our big ultrasound!

I didn't measure as far along as they thought I was (they could've saved a too-early ulrasound if they'd just listened to me). They moved me from 18 weeks to 17 weeks based on this ultrasound and are going to schedule another one for a month from now because they weren't able to get everything they needed to. I still think I'm only 16 weeks, so we'll see what happens when I get the next u/s.

Everything that they did see looked great! Brain was good. Heart. What they could see of the spine. All fine. It was cute to see the little one hiding in there - there was so much more room for it to move around than in my ultrasounds with our other children.

You all know we were planning on letting the gender go unknown until the birth this time, but things changed and ... here is a shot of Baby #3 from the bottom up (it's a picture of the picture, so you may not be able to see it, let alone read it):

We're thrilled to be having another boy! Ben is excited to be outnumbering the women in the house and I'm happy because a)who doesn't adore the thought of a new little boy? and b)I could use a little more time of enjoying Libby as our only little princess.

We chose this morning to tell the children that we're going to have another baby. Jacob really seems to "get it". He seemed pleased that it will be a brother. This is his pleased face:

Poor Libby didn't care about much this morning. We didn't realize it until we were already at the hospital or we wouldn't have brought her, but she seems to have a bit of a fever and is miserable.

Anyway. For those of you who are following along with the stuff with our sister in law Gina (most of the entries I've made about it have not been public), the latest news is that it looks like she has an infection where the sac tore away from the placenta. If that's the case, they'll have to induce labor and let her deliver the babies. If not, they'll let her go as is.

So .. sort of a bittersweet time for our family, I suppose.
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