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Well Child Visit

One of the great things about having my children spaced exactly 18 months apart is that I've been able to take them to their well baby/child visits at the same time for the last several visits. It is a bit stressful trying to get two small children across town, into the doctor's office, undressed, probed, re-dressed, and back home without anyone (particularly me) coming unglued. But it's worth it.

Today I took Jacob and Libby for their three year and eighteen month checkups. I am happy to report that both of them are doing well! Jacob weighs 32 lbs. and is 35 1/2 inches. Libby is just shy of 23 lbs. and is 32 1/4 inches. Dr. J. seemed impressed with their development and enjoyed (or maybe endured) a lively lesson from Jacob on the male anatomy.

I felt like I was undergoing a test of my mothering capabilities when Dr. J. asked Jacob what his favorite thing to eat for lunch is. I tried to telepathically communicate to Jacob that he should under no circumstances say, "McDonalds". It must've worked because Jacob actually said, "French peas, chicken, and chicken casserole." Whew. When Dr. J. asked him what his favorite breakfast was, he pondered it for a moment and said, "MMmmm. I think chili."

Although the doctor tried to coax Libby into a conversation the entire time we were there, she ever-so-politely buried her face in my leg and refused him even a glance. I tried to tell him that she actually has a much larger vocabulary than Jacob did at her age, but she wouldn't budge with so much as a peep. As soon as Dr. J. said goodbye and closed the door behind him, Libby shouted, "Bye-Bye!!" and smiled warmly. Figures.

Here is what Jacob and Libby are up to these days:

Jacob is learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet and is only a few letters shy of knowing all of the upper case letters. He is enjoying pointing out different letters on signs when we're out. Potty training has improved greatly in the past couple of weeks. Instead of relying on us to take him to the bathroom regularly, Jacob has begun to actually tell us when he needs to go. Probably Jacob's favorite thing to do right now is talk. When he runs out of things to talk about, he makes stories up and tells them as if they were fact ("I was at work and my wife came to work with my little baby and then we climbed up a ladder and fell down and had to go in an ambulance and I'm the Papa and my wife is the Mama and we have a little baby and ..." on and on). This is mostly adorable but sometimes it's difficult to snap Jacob back into reality.

Libby is becoming so much more verbal lately! She still signs several words and will sign and say some words at the same time. She loves to imitate Jacob. So when he is learning letters, she will happily run around the house yelling, "B!" or "C!", expecting the same praise that her brother receives when he does the same thing (which she usually gets). She loves dogs, but is a bit scared of cats. She enjoys meal times, but stays tiny. Libby has such a sweet, gentle attitude. She adores Jacob and will walk over to where he is sitting just to kiss him on the cheek (which he usually hates) or rub his head. Even though he usually screams, "Libby! Stop doing that! Don't ever kiss me again!", she smiles and toddles away, quite pleased with herself.

I am thankful for my two healthy, amazing children. God has richly blessed us.

Here is my sweet Libby finally warming up to the idea of a sled ride (don't mind the junk all over our driveway/yard in the background)

My tenderhearted Jacob preparing for a new baby in the house by learning to diaper his stuffed dog

My wonderful family
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