melissalt (melissalt) wrote,

Jacob is Three Today!

Jacob three years ago today

Jacob today (well .. Friday, actually)

I like to spend some time on my little ones' birthdays reflecting on them and who they're becoming; on what I'd like to work on with them in the coming year; on what I'd like to work on with myself as I mother them.
Unfortunately, between Jacob's sleep deprivation (from Sunday), the sugar-overload (also leftover from yesterday), his upset stomach (and accompanying excitement), and his out-of-character behavior that I have previously only seen on Supernanny or in children roaming the aisles at Wal Mart, I haven't had much reflection time today.
So I'll save the sentimentality for another time and just share a few pictures from our weekend.

We had Ben's family over on Friday night to celebrate Jacob's birthday. Jacob loved having everyone here.

Here's Libby enjoying a pre-dinner snack as we waited for everyone to arrive.

And just because it's fun to remember, here is Libby on her brother's birthday last year:

The cousins all had an Easter Egg hunt after church and lunch yesterday. I love this picture of Ben and Libby searching for eggs:


And try as I might to grant his every birthday wish (which has, so far, only been to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast), this is the most excited Jacob has managed to get all day:
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