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Jacob wakes up not long after that after having spent a restless night in our bed (co-sleeping with a squirmy three year old while pregnant is dangerous, by the way). When he wakes up before 7:30, he has to read or play quietly on our bed until I'm done reading my Bible/praying etc. Here he is "reading":

I have to wake Libby up around 8 a.m. every morning or else she'd sleep the day away. She came in our room for some cuddle time with her big brother.

A quick breakfast:

For the chickens, too!

And we're off!

First stop - the Bi-County Co-Op to get Roma tomato plants for the garden (now we are officially ready to plant)

We try to make only one or two trips to Florence (or beyond) a week, to cut down on fuel costs, so imagine my dismay when I realized that I'd left my credit cards and drivers' license at home. Luckily, I had my company card, so the Romas in our future will be compliments of Talberts' Woodworking. I went all the way home, got my cards, and back to Florence we went. To Kroger for a ridiculous amount of food.

We went to Healthy Alternatives, but they didn't have what I needed (so no picture). They did, however, have samples of Newman's Own mint Oreo-rip-off cookies placed so low that even Libby could reach them. Who thought it would be a good idea to give out samples of the messiest cookies on earth? Jacob and Libby, who were beside themselves with starvation (or so you would've thought) by this point, were ecstatic with the cookies, though.

Well if the kids can have cookies ...

Since it was Errand Day and also 12:30 by the time we got back to Independence, we dropped our groceries off and went up the street to eat at Skyline (Jacob's favorite)

Sheesh! We can't afford to be out driving anymore! Time to go home.

During nap time, I tally up the day's damage. Ouch. First day of May's budget. I'm taking it upon myself to single-handedly wipe out the entertainment category for May in one twenty-four hour period.

I also made granola during nap-time, so it wasn't all depressing budget-updating. After nap time, the little ones had a snack. Jacob had his while watching cartoons. Libby decided to do a little light reading.

Yay! Papa's home!

We all head out to work outside. Jacob tills the garden with Ben while Libby and I mow grass. We do this until I realize that it's 7 p.m. and my children have yet to eat dinner. Ooops.

Ben's mom asked us if we wanted to eat some leftovers at her house (have I mentioned how great it is living next door to my mother-in-law?). So we ate a quick dinner. Ben's mom's mom was over, so she and Ben took a little break with the children ...

...while I hung out laundry. Ben's mom rode by on the lawnmower and shouted, "A woman's work is never done!"

After saying goodnight to the chickens, we all head inside

After her bath, Libby helps with the dishes and then it's off to bed for the little ones

I forgot something at the grocery, so I had to run back to the Kroger up the street and then race home because ....
You didn't forget it was Thursday, did you?!?!?
The Office! "Did I Stutter?"

It was a great day!
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