melissalt (melissalt) wrote,

Smoothies for Dinner? I Think Not.

This evening I tried to fool my family into filling up on smoothies, thinking that they would not notice that I'd prepared absolutely nothing for dinner. What can I say? There wasn't time for cooking. I spent most of the day making rounds through the house, making sure no sunlight was peeking in the windows (our air did not come on until late this evening when I informed Ben that I intended to sleep on the living room floor, because that room has two ceiling fans instead of one).
Although they loved the smoothies, no one was fooled. An hour later, it was dinner time. Luckily, I have an easy to please family and we all managed on cheese, crackers, summer sausage, and salad with leftover, cold grilled chicken sliced on top. Everyone left the table happy.
I had help with the smoothie making. I love these little moments alone with my lovely Libby. They are few and far between.

Everything was going well ...

Until I dared to turn on the blender.

My helper wasted no time hopping down from her "helper chair".

As you can see, though, things ended happily ...

For both of my sweet little ones.
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