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Home on the Range


3rd April 2008

2:58pm: Ultrasound and Kitchen Helpers
We went for another ultrasound today. It's still a boy! Eli is doing great - growing and learning some fascinating tap-dancing moves that he tries out on my bladder from time to time. For the first time this pregnancy, I found out how far along I am - 21 weeks. So that makes me due August 6th. Since it's a scheduled c-section, it will likely be a week or so earlier than that (unless I forget to show up for the event - it annoys me to no end that they insist on an early birth for no reason at all). This was the most animated ultrasound I've seen of any of mine so far. Our little guy kept yawning and shoving his hand in his mouth. So cute.

Well .. I can't blog about just one of my little ones. Sheesh.

Jacob and Libby have spent a good amount of time in the kitchen with me lately. I enjoy this (though it's a little extra work and produces messes I could never have imagined pre-parenting). We made muffins a few evenings ago (it was Saturday night and we were letting them watch Veggie Tales - but both of them came running when they heard me getting ready to bake .. I was so proud that they chose muffins over Bob and Larry!). Here they are eating chocolate chips helping:

Libby and her Bear are always happy to help with dinner preparation when they wake up from their nap. Here they are helping with some pizza dough:

And luckily I have a kitchen helper who doesn't eat or dump out every ingredient I've set out:

Life is good.
9:04pm: My Babies

Jacob checking out pictures of his new baby brother

Sick, sleepy Libby after an exhausting trip through the library drive-thru
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